The Choc’late Mousse

The Choc'late Mousse

This was our first experience at The Choc’late Mousse – a pie bar.  We went in expecting slices of actual pie but realized that its not the case for this dessert shop.  It’s all about the “mousse.”

The atmosphere at the dessert shop is like stepping into a rustic mountain or country home.  Its full of dark wooden beams and lanterns lighting the place up.  You have dark leather couches and chairs along with some tall tables and chairs scattered about.  If its cold outside, don’t worry you can snuggle up with your dessert by the fireplace.

The Choc'late Mousse

The decor is perfect and fits in well with the eclectic vibe of the place.  You can tell from the first glance that a lot of planning went into the design of the Choc’late Mousse.  Overall its a warm and comfortable place to sit back and enjoy a tasty dessert with friends.

The Choc'late Mousse


The Choc'late Mousse

There are several ways to order your pie filling.

  • Piebite           One crust and one filling served in a small bowl
  • Pie Flight     6 different flavor combinations to help the undecided connoisseur
  • Piefection     Served in a wine glass and you choose one crust and pie topping
  • Piefait            Two choices of crust and filling
  • Pie Die           Your choice of filling surrounded by a large amount of graham crackers
  • Piewich          Filling stuffed between a chocolate or regular graham cracker

Looking at the menu that I took with us I noticed that they do serve traditional pie slices, cheesecake and whole pies.  They also offer catering for your next event.

We highly recommend the oreo filling with oreo crust.

The Choc'late Mousse This is the piefait with oreo crust, white chocolate and oreo mousse filling.

The Choc'late Mousse Piebite with graham cracker crust and oreo filling.

If you would like to know more about the guy behind The Choc’late Bar check out their about page or check them out on Facebook.

It’s located at:

The Choc’late Mousse
4210 82nd Street
Lubbock, Texas 79423

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